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Subconscious | 1999-2009

Where are they now?
Some of us are still active in making music:
Klaus: now plays drums with the Berlin skatepunk collective FINDING KELLY FORNIA
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Kai: Released with ACROSS THE BURNING SKY in october 2016 a grim and atmospheric melodic death metal album.
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after moving to Lower Saxony, he joined forces in April 2021 as the new vocalist of the Thrash/MelodicDeath Scene institution FINAL CRY (with whom we shared the stage at the legendary Rattenfest in Hameln in 2007)
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Re-Release "Forever Is Now" for free at Bandcamp!
6 years from its dissolution we have re-release our 2006 Album "Forever Is Now" as a free Download on Bandcamp. The Download includes the whole artwork with an 8-paged Booklet as PDF and the "From The Ashes" EP (2004) as Bonus Tracks.

"Forever is Now" was recorded in the Berlin "Daily Hero Recordings" (War From A Harlots Mouth, Placenta, Postmortem, Deadlock) and was mastered by Peter "Pluto" Neuber at Mega Wimp Sound (Born from Pain, Disinter, Septic Flesh, Avulsed).

Even after nearly 10 years "Forever Is Now" is still a neckbreaker. After the bankruptcy of our previous distributon, and the fact that the then-label is no longer active, the album is hardly to be found, which is why we has decided to provide it this way.

Get it from:

Spring 2009
All good things come to an end...
...Unfortunately, we're taking this opportunity to let you know that for a variety of reasons, we've decided to end our 10 year long journey as Subconscious. To make it clear: There is no bad blood between us at all and we are still good friends.
It's been a wild ride, with clearly more ups than downs and maybe it's better to stop at the point when it's at its best.

We would like to thank everyone who accompanied us on this journey, fellow musicians, friends, fans and bands with whom we were allowed to share the stages.
Thank you for the many years together! We are sure, at one or the other place we will continue to run into each other!

The summerbreak is over...
...and subconscious are back on the stage again...

The Pack is back!
We are very happy to announce a new SUBCONSCIOUS band member: from now on, Olaf will hit the strings on the guitar next to Klaus. Some of you might know Olaf from playing bass in his former band Redeema.
As a band, we already know Olaf for a couple of years now, as some of us rehearsed and shared stages with him for various Berlin Allstarz shows and Olaf was also responsible for our latest band promo shots.

Subconscious looking for new guitar player
We are eagerly looking for a new guitar player! Our new member should be an open-minded person with a broadened musical horizon and skilled on the guitar. You should also bring live show experience, suitable equipment, a good portion of fun and a certain dedication to the band and the music.
We are all laid-back people, so don´t be afraid If you are interested, please get in touch with us via email or myspace and drop us some lines about yourself. Thank you!

12.01.08 Subconscious and Christian has parted ways
As we announced it already in December 2007 at the Lindenpark show in Potsdam, our guitarist Christian decided to leave Subconscious by the end of 2007. We are now looking for a new guitar player, so please check the news above for details.

Here are some final words from christian:
After due consideration, I finally decided to leave Subconscious at the end of 2007. Growing interpersonal dissension and estrangement between me and parts of the band brought about this decision. My decision should not cast a cloud over the past more than 8 years. For me it was a great time and we achieved much more than I had expected when we formed Subconscious in February 1999: Numberless songs, 99 shows and 4 CD outputs, which describe Subconscious‘ developement from an unknown ‚rehearsal room combo‘ to an established metalcore band.
Much more important than these statistics is the fact, that I met the right guys to enhance myself musically and to create our own kind of music I can identify myself with till today. Playing liveshows I always considered as highlights of my musical career and I´m very thankful for the experience having felt the enormous power of music releasing this flood of energy between the band and the crowd. This feeling and the picures of moshing, slamming and handbanging crowds are impressions that will last.
Finally, I want to thank especially Ananda and Jana for their fantastic support during many years and Kurt (Memorial) for the great time we always had in Denmark. Let me also thank my band-buddies, all kind bands who we shared the stage with, all concert promoters who gave us the chance to play at their venues and all people who visited and hopefully enjoyed our shows.
Take care.

29.11.07Subconscious Pictures from the FOS Release Show in Jena
There are new live pictures online. Thanks to Franziska from BIAB photography, who captured some impressions from us, rocking the stage in jena's rosenkeller on 26th september, where we had the honor to do the support for fall of serenity at their record release show. Check them out...

13.11.07SUBCONSCIOUS interview @ Own Blood Magazine
Kai and Daniel were interviewed by Angelo from the "Own Blood Magazine" and talked about the history and origin of the band, their view on early and modern metalcore, the musical development of SUBCONSCIOUS from the first studio album "Trains Of Thought" to our latest output "Forever Is Now", our songs, our lyrics, playing live shows and much more. Check out the whole interview (in German only) on

24.10.07New Song Up!
We put another track from our current album "Forever Is Now" online! Feel free to download "Cold Blood" from the music player on our MySpace profile, from Subconscious page or save through right click and "save as" here.

18.09.07New bandfotos!
We finally managed to capture the current Subconscious line-up on film, so check the photo section for our newest promo pics! There you can find the official new bandphoto plus two others of our latest promo pictures. In addition, we uploaded a couple of more (funny) shots from that session to our myspace profile..

15.09.07Forever Is Now - distributed worldwide via TWILIGHT Distribution
We are glad to announce that, from October 2007, our latest album "Forever Is Now" will be available worldwide through the distribution of Twilight-Vertrieb and their international partners. Our release can then be ordered all over the world through this distribution channel at the retail markets and mailorders.
Ask the distributor in your country for the twilight releases and especially for "Forever Is Now"!
Distributors: Germany – twilight | Austria – NSM | Swiss – NonStop Music | France – Season of Mist | BeNeLux – Displeased | UK – Shellshock | Norway, Denmark – VME | Italy –Andromeda | Japan – Worldchaos | Slovakia – Metalage | USA – Century Media | H‘art Music - rest of the world

06.09.07Joch'n'Roll Open Air : First Pics, thanks & comments
Hey folks, Subconscious are back from Rat-City and don´t want to miss expressing our biggest gratitude to:
- Jochen & Gerd for getting this awesome festival going
- the whole JNR Crew, including production, catering, sound and security for running a successful event
- those crazy freaks attending our show and starting the first mosh & circle pit of the festival even during those heavy showers occuring while we were playing! No matter that it were only 30-40 people - you are the greatest, thanks a fucking lot!!
- Narziß, who - indirectly - made it possible for us play that show, since they had to change their stage-time and for a great show at the "Sumpfblume"
- Forever It Shall Be, who - directly - recommended us to the organizer in order to fill Narziß´ slot at the main stage :-)
- And Still I Bleed, for rocking at the tent-stage prior to our show and sending all the people to the main stage after their show, as well as for lots of fun during the Cataract show!
- A Traitor Like Judas for watching our show, even though they had to prepare for their own show in the tent, taking place afterwards
- Hexe (...) for that awesome sticker on her car´s rear window :-)
Once again lots of Greetings to all the bands and musicians who were plaing and with whom we had the chance to chat backstage (Deadsoil, Dew Scented, ASIB, FISB, ATLJ, etc...)
Conclusion: HAMELN WAS A BLAST and it was a huge pleasure for us to play there and to mosh with the fearless in the rain. THANK YOU!!
Check out the pictures on our myspace-profile!!

13.07.07Subconscious @ Joch'n'Roll Open Air (Rattenfest) Hameln
It's true! Subconscious joins the Joch'n'Roll OpenAir / Rattenfest in Hameln on August 31st. We will hit the Mainstage on Friday at 15:45 to fill the slot that our friends from Narziß left behind, because their gig on JNR was postponed to the aftershow-party, later that night. So, all fans and friends: come, enjoy and let's celebrate a great moshpit at Joch'n'Roll Open Air where we share the stages with bands like Sick Of It All, Deadsoil, A Traitor Like Judas, Hatesphere, Volbeat, Raunchy, Cataract, Dew-Scented, and many more!

06.06.07Rap meets Metalcore - Remix of our song "Forever"
Check out the brand-new remix of our track "Forever" by Pyro One! Recorded and mixed at the Mob-Dojo in Berlin, this track features German Rap lyrics written and recorded by Pyro, with support from our drummer, presenting a new interpretation of the original song lyrics.
You can listen to and download "4ever remix" >>here<< or on our myspace profile. DonŽt miss that special track!

02.05.07Subconscious on Berlin Extreme Vol. II sampler!
We are proud that our song "Forever" is part of the brand-new Berlin Extreme Vol. II sampler. This compilation also includes bands such as Anticops, Deviant Arts, Goregast, Harvest, Infight, One Hope Left, Procton, Requital, Spawn and Unsoul. The sampler is now available for 5,- € at our shows or at the Maintain RecordStore.

Forever Is Now - available in Germany, Austria, Switzerland
We are glad to announce that, from 25th May 2007, our latest album "Forever Is Now" will be available in domestic trade through the distribution of icare Media. It can then be ordered all over Germany through your local dealer as well as through groups such as Media Markt, Saturn, WOM, Expert, Müller etc.. In Germany, Austria and Switzerland the album will be also available through most big mailoders and online stores, such as amazon.


27.04.07We are adding a few more reviews with great notes for the "forever is now" album (rock hard,, helldriver magazine). Take a look in the "Reviews" section.

20.03.07After cancelling a couple of shows for this and the last month (in reason of sh**&/$%*"§$ fu*k) we are glad to announce new shows for the future. Take a look in our "Shows" announcements.

12.02.07"Forever Is Now" available at online stores & mailorders
Due to a distribution agreement between our label Pray For Nothing and Maintain Records, all PFN Releases will be available through the Maintain Records online store at There you can buy "Forever Is Now" for 7.99 EUR, or for 4,99 EUR as 160 kBit/s MP3s, including an artwork sheet.
"Forever Is Now" will also be distributed through the MDD Mailorder and will be available at during the next weeks.

14.01.07First reviews online !
We added a new section to our website. From now on, you can read reviews and press feedback for our album "Forever is Now" by selecting "band" within the main navigation and then choosing "reviews". If you like it fast, just click here


10.10.06New merch in stock!
since a few days we have new clothings in our merchstore. Check out the new girlies, hoodies and t-shirts. We also have our buttons back in stock + a brand-new design available!

16.09.06New member!
We are more than happy to announce that a 2nd guitarist joined SUBCONSCIOUS. His name is Klaus and some of you might know him from singing and playing guitar in his former band "Green Means Go" some years ago. He is an awesome guitar-player and full of energy when on stage, and we are very proud to welcome him as a 5th member in our band! Yesterday, Klaus had a great stage debut at our release show at the Kato in Berlin. Thanks again to all the people who came there and supported us in any way! Pics coming soon...

11.09.06Shows needed, please help!!
We are still looking for shows for the Mini-Tour with our friends from Memorial. The following dates are to be filled: Saturday 30th September & Sunday 1st October. If you are a promoter or know anyone who might help us booking 2 bands for any of these 2 dates, please get in contact.

06.09.06Subconscious @ Radio FRITZ this sunday!
This Sunday (10th September) we will be on Radio Fritz at the "STAHLWERK" with Jakob Kranz. Be sure to check this radio transmission especially between 8pm and 9pm, when we will talk about our new CD "Forever Is Now" and even play some tracks from it Check Radio Fritz frequencies andonline stream at !

04.09.06Pre-order FOREVER IS NOW !
Hell yeah! Our new CD just left the manufacturer and will arrive at the PFN Records headquarter within the next few days. From now on, you can pre-order "Forever Is Now" for 8.00 Euro and save porto & shipping (as long as you order within Germany). This offer is validate until the 15th September 2006. "Forever Is Now" will then leave PFN Records at the 14th September, so youŽll have it right in time on the 15th! To pre-order, just send an email to shop(at) Of course, you can also get the CD at any SUBCONSCIOUS show, next time (needless to say) at their release party on the 15th September in Berlin. For more info and song previews, feel free to check or

08.08.06Subconscious @ official POPKOMM 2006 Metal Showcase !
we are glad to announce that SUBCONSCIOUS will be part of the official POPKOMM METAL SHOWCASE on 22nd September at the Club 23 (Kulturbrauerei) in Berlin. Our stagetime is 8pm and we will play together with Sabaton (SWE), Diablo (FIN) and Shade Empire (FIN). More information coming soon!

07.08.06Forever Is Now Release Show / 15th September !
The release date of our upcoming CD "Forever Is Now" will be the 15th September 2006. This, of course, gives reason to an appropriate Record Release Show, which will be on exactly that date, taking place at the Kato in Berlin. We will share the stage with Arkangel, Time Has Come and Karras. Doors open: 8pm, show starts 9pm, cost: 8,- euro.

06.08.06Download "Forever"
as from now you can get the final and mastered version of "Forever" from our upcoming album as a free download from the download page or through right click and "save as" here!

24.07.06Subconscious sign to Pray For Nothing Records !
We are very happy to announce that SUBCONSCIOUS signed with Pray For Nothing Records! Our upcoming release entitled "Forever Is Now" will be out in September this year. We keep you updated with the final release date, so watch out! In the meantime, you can check out the rough mix of "Forever" on our myspace-profile

14.06.06Ferchland Open Air cancelled!
the whole festival had to be cancelled due to forest fire safety reasons! Instead, there will be an indoor show at the "Gleis" in Genthin

09.06.06 Guitar-Player wanted !
No, we don´t wanna get rid of our present guitarist, we just want to expand  the band as soon as possible with a 2nd guitar-player! We are not looking  for beginners and we do not necessarily need a full-time pro - we want  someone who´s down with his instrument and who´s not statuesque when  playing on stage.
You should have your own equipment, experience on stage, the willingness to  rehearse at least once a week (rehearsal room in Berlin) and to aquire our  songs quickly and on your own to a large extent, as well as fun making  music and playing shows. A positive attitude towards Metalcore is needless to mention :-)
If you are such a person or know someone who might be interested, just drop
us some lines in a myspace message or write an email
Please spread the word, thank you!

01.06.06 New website online
Today we will relaunch our website with a new design, almost completely in English, new contents and a new structure. New pictures and downloads are coming soon. Have fun checking the new site out!!

Hell yeah! The final mastering of our recordings is in progress. We got Peter "Pluto" Neuber at "Mega Wimp Sound" for this job! You might know his work from pimping the recordings from bands like Born from Pain, Disinter, Septic Flesh, Avulsed, Deicide, etc. - so be warned: "Forever Is Now" will sound like war in hell, haha.

"Forever Is Now" Artwort
We got an ass-kickin' artwork for our upcoming release! Kai does an impressive job so far, check out the frontcover!!

Album name
The name of our upcoming release will be "Forever Is Now". It will probably include 9 tracks (6 songs + extra stuff) and will definitivly kick ass, so watch out!!

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