Kai - voc
Olaf - git
Pete - bass
Daniel - drums
Klaus - git


Brutal, manifold and yet comprehensible – SUBCONSCIOUS from Berlin are convincing through an energetic live performance and authentic, stirring Metalcore.

Formed in 1999, the band played several shows with bands such as Born from Pain, Narziss, Maroon, Fall Of Serenity, Shortage and Barcode.

Their rather oldschool-dominated debut "Trains Of Thought“ (2000) was then followed by “Arising” (2002) and “From The Ashes” (2004), two self-recorded and produced CD EPs, which brought them closer to the modern and brutal Metalcore.

Early in 2006, SUBCONSCIOUS recorded their latest material at the “Daily Hero Recordings” Studio in Berlin, being released in late summer 2006 and entitled “Forever Is Now”. Musically, this album combines elements of Thrashmetal, Newschool-HC and Scandinavian Deathmetal: razor-sharp riffs, mixed with heavy Mosh-Parts and melodic guitar lines in two voices.

Anyone who is into bands like As I Lay Dying, Neaera or Heaven Shall Burn will certainly enjoy SUBCONSCIOUS.

Here we go: FOREVER IS NOW!


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